Preggo Brain

So Kaitlyn always sings. Just little bits of songs here and there, often the same ten or so on a weird rotation. It pops up while doing dishes or walking or really anything. It’s like a melodic tic, a funny marker of time.

It even results in some unintentional comedy on occasion.

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Pregnancy Cravings // That Time I Was A Hero

Today my wonderful fiancée messaged that she was going to the grocery store to pick up some essentials. Specifically, fruits and vegetables. This is not what happened.

Ten minutes later, I receive a photo of a shopping cart filled with Cadbury Creme Eggs and bright yellow Peeps candy. “So far I have this. Good start huh?” Indeed! I responded the only way I knew how: in all caps.

GOOD JOB BABE!! I love you.

A few minutes later, another text. “Omg now I have cake mix and hot fudge,” along with two crying emojis. I swelled with pride and admiration at my baby-mama’s shopping skills.

This is why I’m marrying you.

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